Areas That Make a Difference at Work

There is a lot of material on what aspects employers need to be focusing on to have engaged and productivity employees. The top from a management consulting perspective are:

  • Encouraging the development of soft skills – that is those skills that improve communication, train a solutions orientation, and set the stage for creative problem solving;
  • Providing flexible work arrangement with staggered hours for staring and completing the day and allowing for telecommuting once a week for all employees.
  • Offering safe methodologies that are free from reprisal for launching concerns over harassing or bullying behaviour in the workplace.

When employees feel that they are valued and receiving training that enhances their skill sets, when they have a degree of autonomy over their work schedules, and when they feel safe enough to report behaviour that is threatening or harassing, they will typically be engaged. Engaged employees stay with their employer for extended periods of time. Employees that are engaged are also productive with fewer sick time and absenteeism.

What are the top areas in your company relating to employee engagement?

Marie-Helene Sakowski – Business Consultant – Change & Transition,