Stop Saying Sorry

Canadian Sociologist Maja Jovanovic has made a study of apologetic statements that are made. She believes that the more we utter “sorry” the more it hurts us as individuals. When constantly saying “sorry “Jovanovic states that makes us appear smaller, timid, and diminishes our confidence.

Taking out sorry from your sentences is a discipline that requires vigilance, practice, and consideration. When you bump into someone try saying oops – pardon me, or go ahead, or even after you. When you are in a meeting and want to contribute you can be polite and enter the discussion by using any number of phrases such as How about looking at this another way, or Here is an idea. These statements do not minimize what you have to offer and who you are.

When you find yourself late for a meeting or appointment thank everyone for their patience and just join in. A simple Thank You changes the dynamic. Even when you have been challenged by something and have been complaining about a situation a thank you for listening is all that is required.

In what areas are you prepared to be cognizant of the unnecessary “sorry” phrase and are prepared to eliminate it from your speech patterns?

Marie-Helene Sakowski – Business Consultant – Change & Transition,