Transformational Characteristics for Business Leaders

Transformation is another word for change. The word change often conjures images or feelings of having something unwanted occurring or being thrust upon. Aspects of change that may lessen the resistance factor to the implementation of something new is to model traits of transformational leaders.

These traits include:

  • Idealized Influence – the leader is seen to “walk the talk” and is emulated for this.
  • Inspirational Motivation – having and presenting with clarity a vision that inspires others.
  • Individualized Consideration – personal attention to each team member develops trust.
  • Intellectual Stimulation – teams are encouraged to question and to be creative.

The end result of these transformational traits being in place is a cohesive group that continues to grow in terms of creativity and action that is considered by the group to be integrated with the values of the company and the work being undertaken.

What is your experience with modelling this type of leadership in your business?

Marie-Helene Sakowski – Business Consultant Change & Transition –