Attention Control – A Necessity Today

There are a myriad of areas competing for our attention during the day. Having Smart Phones with us constantly makes it easy for us to be sidetracked onto social media sites for longer than we intended. Speaking from experience I have checked into a social media site and found myself mindlessly scrolling through my feed for the better part of an hour. Becoming aware of that I noticed I felt groggy. My brain was in neutral.

Noticing that I was wasting my time with the mindless diversion allowed me to get back to what was essential in my day.

Now when I find myself scrolling my feed I start to question if this is where my attention needs to be.  Doing that allows me to get back to what is imperative in my day.

Taking these steps and repeating them has brought me to the place of where control of my attention is second nature. The seduction of mindless activity and wasting time on them has lessened significantly.

What rabbit holes of distraction are pervasive in your day? Trying the steps outlined above may give you back your focus and time for what is important to you.

Marie-Helene Sakowski – Business Change & Transition Specialist