Conflict Management vs. Conflict Resolution

At one time I believed that conflict in the workplace could be resolved. Experience has been a great teacher in having me realize that resolution of conflict is not possible. Rather conflict management is the preferred framework to utilize in the workplace and arguably in your personal life a s well.

Conflict management allows for the parties involved to bridge areas where values, belief’s, and perception vary. When in a conflicted situation at work whether that be project or procedurally based it is highly unlikely that one or more parties are willing or able to accept and agree to another point of view that is contrary to a deeply held belief or value.

Establishing solid processes that involve the attributes of assessing needs, establishing common goals and interests, and engaging in developing a common vision go along way to ensuring that the differences are managed. Further to that a solid foundation from which to work from and overcome additional challenges is established.

What steps have you utilized in managing conflict that have resulted in highly functional agreements?

Marie-Helene Sakowski – Business Change & Transition –