Managing the Current Transition

How are you as an employer, business owner or manager addressing the current transition?  Are you finding new ways of leveraging technology to stay afloat? Is your business in one of the sectors that has been impacted such as travel, hospitality and service? Do you have clarity about the type of influence you have over the business, and the changing dynamics of this time period?

Most employers and managers would state that they have a strong influence overall within the business they are in. Given that every business is undergoing tremendous transition what actions are you taking to manage the turbulent waters that all businesses are currently facing?

  • Do you emulate the type of behaviour and culture you want to see around you?  Are you a strong proponent for having employee’s views and feedback be a part of your daily operational routines?
  • Are you open to constructive criticism that leads to doing things differently over the next several weeks and months?
  • Are you engaging your employees for feedback on improving working dynamics?

All businesses are changing now. The question becomes how are you revitalizing yours?

 Marie-Helene Sakowski – Business Change & Transition Specialist, at