Uncertainty Creates Potential for Countless Breakthroughs

For many of the 4 billion people around the globe who are now working from home, or practicing personal distancing and having contact only with the people they live with or those who are providing essential services it has been a period of 4 – 6 weeks.

Having had the breakdown – it is time to embrace having multiple breakthroughs. Some businesses have done this in retooling manufacturing lines to produce various products including hand sanitizers, masks, ventilators to name a few items.

The question becomes what breakthroughs are waiting to come forth in terms of new dynamics in work and life?  Now I am referring to a breakthrough by the definition of overcoming something and having an achievement.

One area of breakthroughs will involve food services. Another will involve bricks and mortar offices and retail areas. Travel and tourism industries will be revised. Trucking and railway transportation of goods for import and export will be different. Growth and distribution of food stuffs will be impacted. Greater emphasis on local will become prevalent. The list goes on.

What areas has your business model looked at in terms of causing a breakthrough? 

Marie-Helene Sakowski, Transitioning Change – info@effectiveplacement.com