Change Consultants & Engagement

With the level of uncertainty that is currently present defining what will serve a business and provide a level of consistency is the task at hand. The current marketplace conditions for many businesses could be described as stagnant.

The time is ripe for questioning assumptions, behaviors, beliefs and processes. Finding a way to engage and re-structure is imperative. Suggestions to focus the discussion and begin the change process follow.

  1. Address what is actual in the operation of the business.
  2. Bring measurement tools to the forefront.
  3. Work within the sphere of influence you have and focus on attainable daily tasks.
  4. Ensure your communication is understandably at every level of the organization.
  5. Circle back and clarify as often as is necessary ensuring everyone is on the same wavelength.

Changes occur with action. Keep the momentum moving. Build on your wins and take the time to celebrate each of your successes along the way.

Marie-Helene Sakowski, Consultant – Change & Transition,