Business & Personal Volatility

Economic Volatility – Changes in the patterns of conducting business, the impact of less travel, the changes to the retail and small business landscape are just some of the dynamics that point to a critical adjustment in economic terms within Canada and the world. The old rules no longer apply and the new rules if any are not clear.

Expectations for Stellar Performance from Employees – Employees and managers alike are expected to be plugged in and tuned into work for far longer than the standard workday.  Add to the mix childcare and the dynamics of both parents working from home – the stress levels have increased significantly. Concern over what work will look like in the short term while managing constant change are mounting.

Conflict between Work and Personal Time – The boundary between work and personal time is blurry at best. Today there may be even fewer distinctions than before.

Marie-Helene Sakowski, People & Business Change,

We are in a paradigm shift such that all of our systems and values are being examined. As such it is imperative that as individual’s we find ways to stay happy, healthy, productive, and focused in what is for the most part largely uncharted territory.