Building Trust – A Stress Preventive Measure

For many of the people the constant stress and turmoil over the past several months is starting to show up in the erosion of relationships with others. Those others may be co-workers, family, friends, spouses, business partners, in short anyone that as an individual you are interacting with.

To counteract additional stress factors of loss of trust in those relationships that are important to you it is essential to begin to address personal behaviour and note where integrity or congruence are beginning to erode. An example may be who are you avoiding because you no longer feel they are trustworthy.

Having identified the who and the behaviour it is then time to begin the process of rebuilding that trust. Begin being open to learning form others. Clearly communicate your position or belief and indicate that it may change based on new information that comes to you. Demonstrate respect for the opinions of others. Your behaviour and words matter. Be prepared to apologize when necessary. We are going to make mistakes – own it and indicate your desire to move forward.

What actions have you taken to maintain trust in your relationships as a stress prevention measure?

Marie-Helene Sakowski, Transitioning Change –