Support Local

Wherever you may live the importance of supporting local is essential. Small business drives the economic growth of every sector. Keeping local businesses alive and ensuring that local people retain their jobs is of vital importance.

For the next several weeks I will be highlighting local businesses to support in the area of Canada that I live in.

Gravelbourg Mustard is a Canadian Gourmet that is produced in Saskatchewan. It can be found in several local locations. For listing check out their website at

Splendor Garden Organics produces a variety of herbs and rubs in Saskatchewan. For locations check out

Three Farmers produce a line of sustainable products including Camelina Oils, and a variety of roasted vegetable products in Saskatchewan. For locations to buy their products check

With your support these businesses will continue to thrive and employ local people.

Marie-Helene Sakowski, Business Consultant – Change & Transition,