“Blue” Monday Turns into a “Blue” Week

Many HR professionals describe the 3rd Monday in January as the gloomiest day of the year.  The January slump seems to be in place and it takes more than a day to get over it.  Typically productivity in most office situations slows down in December.  That tends to run over into January. Top that with WFH strategies and increasing feelings of isolation and anxiety by employees – the time to ensure a proactive approach to counteract this Blue Monday is now.

Provide a psychological boost for employees check and have face time with all people that you manage.  Schedule it in now and start connecting today. Implement wholistic wellbeing programs to counteract feelings of anxiety, loneliness, depression, and isolation.

Clearly it is a matter of taking a different approach from the usual day-to-day operations.  What have you tried in your business that has worked?

Marie-Helene Sakowski, Transformational Consultant, info@effectiveplacement.com