To be or not to be a Gig Worker

Having read a few article on the gig economy and the independent or gig worker – the scope covered by both terms is vast. The term gig economy refers to short term work that may or may not be paid for in terms of cash. Workers may be paid with gift cards for example. As a culture we want items faster and to be less expensive. That is where the gig economy comes in – it offers faster and less costly options, and it does so at a price.

Many gig workers are coming to work on short term assignments from lower streams of income. Another dynamic is that for many people doing gig work it is a side hustle or their only source of income. If you are wanting to make extra money on a side hustle – a gig economy may work for you. Or if you are content to be paid with gift cards that may also be of benefit.

It is difficult to live off of gift cards or low wages as a gig worker for companies that do not offer any type security. The competition for gig jobs is on the rise, and the proliferation of new apps in the marketplace requiring gig workers does not appear to be abating.

Is the gig economy impacting your workplace and is so how? Do let me know as I am genuinely interested.

Marie-Helene Sakowski, Transformational Consultant,