Canada’s Labour Force Survey for February 2021

The highlights of the report include an increase in jobs 259,000 in February 2021. Work increased at the parttime and fulltime levels. Self employed working numbers did not change and are at the same rate as they were a few months ago.

Employees working from locations other than home increased by more than 600,000 due to the reopening of schools and lessening of provincial restrictions. More good news is that the number of long-term unemployed people looking for work fell by 49,000. That is a decrease of 9.7 percent form January 2021. Retail trade jobs have increased.

Young women continue to be hit hard by unemployment with more than 14 percent looking for work. That is double the rate of young men who are also looking for work.

The increases for February employment were for jobs paying $17.50 per hour or less. That reflects the increase in retail and other low paying work.

The impact on women as a result of restrictions in the retail and food service sector remains huge. As the reports from previous months indicate the current restrictions continue to impact those who need the work the most.

The full report is available at Statistics Canada.

Marie-Helene Sakowski, Transformational Consultant,