What is a “behaviour based office”?

The phrase “behaviour based” brings to mind the two prominent schools of psychology known as classical and operant conditioning. Classical refers to conditioned stimulus, operant refers to reinforcements and punishment.

Prior to 2020 the office was the main place for people to work. The past 18 months have proven that going to the office is not necessary for work to be accomplished. Behaviour based office space is a phrase used to describe offices that have collaboration and private spaces for use by employees depending on the area they work in. Sales may require more collaboration space. Finance and HR may require mor private space.

Many companies already provide the types of spaces described above. The question is “what are employers going to do to entice people back into an office environment after having them be away from that milieu for an extended period of time”?

Inclusiveness is a key factor in determining what next steps for employers will be. Offices may focus more on socialization than in the past.

What is happening with your employer? Do let me know as I am genuinely interested.

Marie-Helene Sakowski, Transformational Consultant, info@effectiveplacement.com