New Opportunities Arise from Vulnerability

Today most people are experiencing a degree of vulnerability that is uncomfortable and disconcerting. This is particularly true for women. The past two years have proven to be beyond day-to-day challenging. As the methods of doing work evolve from a structured approach to one that is generally more fluid and with that fluidity crossing over into personal and family life it is useful to take a fresh look at vulnerability. To be vulnerable is to be willing to show emotion or to risk being hurt or attacked.

Being Vulnerable has Integrity – It is honourable to show up at work or in your personal life and be willing to risk being seen for stating your feelings that may be contrary to what is expected of you. The act of showing up and being open is an act that indicates you are a person that is integrated and knows yourself.

Vulnerability Leads to Authenticity – Being authentic is to state your position clearly without drama or blame. When working with others it is important to have an alignment with the processes that are occurring. I have taken on clients where I was not in alignment with the product or service being offered. Those assignments were often fraught with difficulty. The results were mixed and I was not at my best.  Now I accept those assignments where I am aligned with the overall purpose and methods by which the business is conducted. And I am able to be authentic in working with my clients.

Vulnerability Leads to Enhanced Engagement – When working with clients and presenting authentically the level of engagement increases dramatically. Cooperation is heightened and morale improves. 

What areas have opened up for you when you have allowed your vulnerability to be seen?

Marie-Helene Sakowski, Transformational Consultant,