Leaders and the Great Resignation

As someone in a leadership role or someone who oversees leaders in your organization are you taking the necessary steps to have people particularly women stay with your company? Or are you relying on an outdated model that fosters misalignment between the employer (you as a leader) and the employees that report to you?

Leaders in business today wondering why people are resigning need to ask the fundamental question of why. One aspect of a wave of resignations points to leadership focusing on transactional ways of doing business. A few examples are valuing results over the employee, higher compensation without increased autonomy for the employee.

In today’s world what is required of leaders is a relational approach. Examples would be a more consultative approach that involves employees in the decision-making process, and an emphasis on developing greater job satisfaction for employees.

Leaders today must take action that includes employees in decision making and not take action that decides for the employees. Part of that process includes building a sense of community and belonging.

What actions have your taken to ensure that you have grown your connection to employees in your business?

Marie-Helene Sakowski, Transformational Consultant, info@effectiveplacement.com