Leaders & Attrition to Attraction

All leaders within organizations are being challenged to turn attrition within the work force to attraction to the work force. To engage in the transformation process of your business or organization requires a time for reflection or contemplation. Before executing on your next moves as leaders take the time to pause and consider the following:

  • Are the people in our business in the right places? Are managers and leaders in the right spot to improve employee engagement and morale?
  • What training and development opportunities are being provided to employees, leaders, and managers to boost their skills in hybrid environments?
  • What initiatives have been taken by leadership and management to transform the organizational culture to different operating structures that minimize or transform the weaknesses that were present before 2020?
  • What consideration has been given to deploying new benefits for everyone within the organization?
  • Does your organization foster a sense of community, connection and belonging?

Attraction will not take place from the same model that has caused attrition. A new model is required and answering the above questions starts the process off.

What new initiatives has your organization undertaken to keep people within your work force?

Marie-Helene Sakowski, Transformational Consultant, info@effectiveplacement.com