Current Volatility Signals Significant Paradigm Shift

Current Volatility Signals Significant Paradigm Shift

Operational dynamics for large and small companies and businesses are in the throes of a significant paradigm shift. Hybrid work arrangements are being re-assessed. Work from home strategies continue to evolve. The return of workers to offices continues to be challenged.

The emergence of a new paradigm has at its core the inherent need for women to take a stronger place in the decision-making process of operational businesses whether they be monolithic in size or small to mid sized enterprises. What worked prior to 2020 is now a somewhat distant memory with significant displacement of workers in service, travel, and entertainment areas including sporting events.

Solutions today require the presence of women and the inherent wisdom of the feminine. The model of women needing to emulate men is outdated. Today the emphasis is on developing a different way of doing and operating businesses of all sizes. Once such way is to focus on the wisdom of women and the operation of businesses from a model of cooperation versus competition. A model that focuses on inclusivity and that allows for the flow of creativity in all areas and directions. A model that is not linear.

Current volatility is alive and seems to be thriving. The questions that arise is what are we as a species doing to embrace and allow the wisdom of women to take form and manifest a different operational structure?

The old is crumbling – the time is ripe for the new and for women to become front and center of the emerging paradigm shift.

Marie-Helene Sakowski, Operational Transformation,