Part 2 – Revamp of Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Strategies

Part 2 – Revamp of Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Strategies

Businesses that have long drawn-out procedure for candidates to apply for jobs are losing out on the brightest and the best prospects. Those companies have their Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to re-enter data from an uploaded resume have lost candidates that would make a difference to their business. An ATS can be set-up to take all of the relevant information from a resume without the candidate having to fill in screens of data about work experience, educational history, and special projects.

Streamlining an application process to have candidates apply and be complete within 3 – 4 clicks is good. Less than 3 clicks is optimal. Creating a flagging system in the ATS for sought after skill sets and training is another way of ensuring a restructured and impactful talent acquisition process. Data purging of candidates within an ATS is another way of keeping the system refreshed and up to date. The standard of keeping resumes on file for a few years is obsolete. Follow-up emails to candidates of interest for future roles is another way of effectively using the ATS.

Developing incentive programs to have those women and men who do not want to return to an office is mandatory to retain and retrain great people. Talent Acquisition and Recruitment are vital to businesses of all sizes. To remain relevant the boundaries that were set 5 – 10 years ago need to be set aside and new methods embraced.

What new strategies for talent acquisition and recruiting have you tried and found to be successful?

Marie-Helene Sakowski, Transformational Consultant,