Onboarding of Employees – Revamp Required

Having successfully hired a new employee the true test of whether that employee will stay or move on lies within the onboarding process. With employees today working from home or in some form of hybrid model there is an essential component for virtual onboarding. Orientation in the form of learning modules related to company safety policies, procedural scenarios, IT modules, benefits and health features, and other HR related material certainly has a place in virtual training.

The crux of orientation of a new employee is focused on the softer side – the side requiring a high human touch. New employees need to be oriented into company culture and day-to-day working dynamics. Creating relationships with co-workers, managers, and company executives is necessary for a new employees to be successful. Imparting that information is essential for employee success and retention.

Planning the high touch orientation piece is important. Arranging for it to occur in person and virtually is something that may challenge managers and a solution to the issue is essential. It may take several people within the business or organization to orient a new employee. Another planning component that is crucial.

Steps may mean having the new employee meeting with various team leaders in person one-on-one or virtually to begin to learn about and embrace the culture of the business or organization. It may also require an extended period of time with periodic check points to identify how the new employee is doing.

What has your business or company done to improve its orientation process to ensure new employees are retained?

Marie-Helene Sakowski, Transformational Consultant, info@effectiveplacement.com