Effective Placement Inc.

Marie-Helene has worked in occupations that have allowed her to develop her skills in transformational growth,  cultural makeovers, inclusion of diversity principles and practices, and business reorganization. As one of the first women in Canada to work as a Federal Corrections Officer in an all male prison has been instrumental in forging her ability to facilitate conflict management. Working abroad in Papua New Guinea she gained valuable experience in managing diverse workplace dynamics. Working for small and mid sized business she has assisted in the shaping of change and transition at cultural and operational levels. She has hosted, planned and spoken at events. Marie-Helene is able to deliver her message to her audience with sensitivity and humour. She ensures her audience is engaged and inspired to take the necessary action steps for change to occur.

The desire to have an impact on assisting small and mid sized businesses was born from seeing the gaps that many business owners face in managing limited resources with the constant demand for change. That lead Marie-Helene to start her own business.

Beginning as a Recruitment Consultant she soon went on to other areas of Human Resources including organizational development, training, operational health and safety requirements, compensation, and succession planning. Since then she has worked for Fortune 500 companies, as well as, small and mid sized businesses in a variety of roles.

Since 2000 the focus has been on providing the services SME’s and Solopreneurs require for growth and cultural development. During that time companies and organizations in construction, mining, health care service providers, industrial equipment, manufacturing and economic development, have been served.

The success of Effective Placement Incorporated is based on the ability to forge and bring together your business needs with the solution required. The work focuses on the following:

  • Working with SME’s and Solopreneurs on Transformational growth or contraction.
  • Cultural redesign and alignment.
  • Recruitment Projects.