Effective Placement Inc.

Business Consulting Services Overview

Effective Placement Incorporated assists businesses and organizations to optimize their performance, growth and change by focusing on the following:

  1. Leadership & Change Management
  • Worked with the Executive and Leadership on developing and implementing a change process.
  • Champion the process and engage with the sponsor to develop the scope of work.
  • Focus on bringing alignment by ensuring that the undecided element within the business or organization embraces the changes.
  • Oversight of communication surrounding the changes to ensure consistency and a broad based delivery that encompasses a variety of platforms.
  • Ensure that constraints such as time, budget and people are factored in to the equation.
  • Develop and implement controls to facilitate delivery.
  1. Strategies for Women in Business
  • Development of competency frameworks and strategies for improvement.
  • Influencing and persuasion tools.
  • Authentic leadership style implementation.
  • Management of employees and teams.
  • Culture development.
  1. Operations and Human Resources Consulting
  • Workforce planning and position descriptions.
  • Branding, attraction, hiring and retention strategies for employees.
  • Expansion and facility management.
  • Redesigning workflow.
  • Employee engagement, succession planning, compensation, and performance management.
  1. Policies and Compliance
  • Benefits and perks for employees.
  • Policies for smooth day-to-day operations.
  1. Occupational Health & Safety
  • Safety audits.
  • Establishing a strong and effective safety culture.
  • Safety standardization.
  • Reporting and administration.
  1. Event Management
  • Annual conferences.
  • Employee appreciation events.
  • Quarterly events.
  • Annual vendor and employee events.