Effective Placement Inc.

Business Services Overview

Effective Placement Incorporated assists businesses and organizations to optimize their performance and growth by focusing on the following:

Business Consulting Change & Transition 

  1. Working with Leadership on developing & implementing business change & transition processes.
  2. Bringing alignment to the change by ensuring that the undecided element embraces changes.
  3. Oversight of communication to ensure consistency.
  4. Development of controls to facilitate delivery.
  5. Influencing & persuasion tools.
  6. Culture development.

Organizational Cultural Development Consulting

  1. Review of current cultural attributes.
  2. Work with Leadership team to identify attributes of culture that are desired.
  3. Organizational culture redesign and alignment.

Operational Areas

  1. Workforce planning.
  2. Conflict management.
  3. Branding, attraction, hiring and retention strategies for employees.
  4. Employee engagement, succession planning, compensation, and performance management.